Competition Results

Sunday 4th April 2021

Pairs Irish Stableford

92 Charlie Bishop and Paul Mc Oscar
87 Maggie Wright and Noel Penney
85 Russell Marsh and Cam Tomlin
82 Simon and Max Edwards
74 Warren Smith and Roy Stieller

Saturday 3rd April 2021

Semi-final of the W Stone Memorial

Max Edwards v Shane Prendergast: The winner was Shane Predergast

Best Nett Pairs

61 John Hicks and Andrew Kenworthy
63 Paul Fletcher and Nigel Abbott
64 Roy Stieller and Graeme Harris
65 Simon Edwards and Dianne Annan, Charlie Bishop and Tony Edwards
66 Al Sime and Daryl McCaughan, Owen Miller and David Smith
67 Kelvin Hicks and Murray Adams, Maggie Wright and Dan Reardon, Trish Hicks and Kerry Williams, David and Harvey Youdale, Worwick Norton and Issy McLaughlin, James Perkins and Allan.


2n2: Jeremy Hay.

Pins: Owen Miller, Nigel Abbott 11 & 17 and Colin Stevens.

Twos / Eagles: Owen Miller 6/17, Nigel Abbott 11/17, Roy Stieller, Al Sime, Kerry Williams, Harvey Youdale, Simon Edwards. Max Edwards and James Perkins each had an Eagle on 4.

The Prize for Birdies went to Simon Edwards on 9.

The Jackpot for Nett Eagles was not struck, hole drawn 8.

Tuesday 6th April 2021

2nd LGU & Putting


N Muir 87-8-79

S Gilmour 89-21-68
J Helmore 95-24-71


C Stevenson 99-31-68
A Green 109-34-75

Saturday Ladies

M Wright 90-16-74

Mens Stableford

38 Spencer
33 A Bluett
31 G Harris
31 T Cliff

Saturday 3rd April

Semi Final of the W Stone Draw

Max Edwards will play Shane Prendergast
Nigel Abbott will play Jum Morten

Tuesday 30th March 2021

Ladies 1st Qualifying Captains Trophy

Issy McLaughlin 93-22-71
Jane Helmore 97-25-72
Barbara Inch 99-27-72
Claire Stevenson 106-32-74

Mens Stableford

34 Ivan Palmer
34 Paul McOscar
34 David Mansbridge
33 John Hicks


Nearest pin: Paul McOscar
Longest putt: John Hicks

Sunday 28th March 2021

Our Junior Team hosted the Junior match-play round last Sunday. Unfortunately they didn’t have a win but it will be great experience for them, so all the best for the team for the rest of the competition.

Friday 26th March 2021

Irish stableford

52 Steph Kimber
49 Kolio Vailu’u and Jum
1st loser Cam Tomlin 12 and Judy Mcloud

Saturday 27th March 2021

Quarter Finals of the W Stone

Max Edwards defeating Spencer Deverell
Shane Prendergast winning against Murray White
Nigel Abbott having a win over Noel Penney
Jum Morten had earlier in the week defeated Jodie Monk

Bisque Par

+10 David Youdale
+7 Claire Stevenson, Peter Eddy and Maggie Wright
+6 Anne Harliwich, Sara Van Hoof and Catherine Thorne
+5 Graeme Harris, Paul Fletcher, Harvey Youdale and Glenn Chambers
+4 David Mansbridge and Ivan Palmer
+3 Pip Deans, Kolio Vailu’u, Trish Hicks and Worrick Norton
+2 John Hicks, Martin Wills, Julie Wilson and Brent Kininmont


Best Gross: Al Sime 72
2n2: Roy Stieller
Pins: Catherine Thorne, Anthony Van Hoof, Roy Stieller and David Mansbridge
Twos: George Deans, Catherine Thorne, Roy Stieller and Spencer Deverell
Birdies went to Shane Prendergast for a birdie on 5
The Nett Eagle were not played for, due to the nature of the competition

W Stone First Round Matchplay Draw

1. Max Edwards will play Spencer Deverell
2. Nigel Abbott will play Noel Penney, the winner of that match will play Jum Morten who defeated Jodie Monk
3. Shane Prendergast will play Murray White

Tuesday 23rd March 2021

2nd Stableford and Top Dog

42 Issy McLaughlin
40 Claire Stevenson
39 Barbara Bryant
34 Trish Hicks
33 Sandra Gilmour
33 Pauline Pearce

Mens Stableford

36 David Mansbridge
32 Noel Penney
32 Ric Frampton

Nearest pin

Judy McLeod
Paul McOscar

Longest putt

Issy McLaughlin

National Teams

Top 4 scores

Issy McLaughlin
Claire Stevenson
Barbara Bryant
Trish Hicks

Sunday 21st March 2021

Inter-club Teams Results

Shield Black were defeated by Weedons Red at Lincoln 1-5 the yellow team had the bye.

Brownie won against Tai-Tapu at Tai-Tapu 6 ½ to 2 ½, a great result.

Patterson Cup won against Weedons Red 5 to 4 at Kaituna.

Saturday 20th March 2021

Winter Stableford Round 1

Best Gross

73 Roy Stieller


39 Roy Stieller, Marshall Johnston, Mike Johnston, Ric Frampton and Dianne Annan
37 Anthony Van Hoof, Max Edwards and Maggie Wright
36 David Mansbridge and Trish Hicks
35 Murray White, David Grice and Jum Morten

Other Awards

2n2: Mike Johnston

Pins: David Mansbridge, Andrew Kenworthy, Max Edwards and Kerry Williams

2s: Maggie Wright

Birdies was shared between Roy Stieller, Mike Johnston and David Smith for a birdie on 15

Net Eagles no winner, hole drawn 17

Friday 19th March 2021

Twilight - Mystery Pairs Putting

Cam Tomlin and Paul McOscar 33 Putts
Ron Paskitt and Glenn Chambers 35 Putts
David Grice and Maggie Wright 37 Putts
Shaun Kelly and Ray Bryant, Graham Coom and Mike Will 41 Putts

Tuesday 16th March 2021

LGU and Putting


Nicky Muir 82-8-74


Joss Whitaker 90-23-67
Issy McLaughlin 94-23-71


Francie Taylor 104-33-71
Mary Abbott 101-27-74

Mens Stableford

33 David Mansbridge
31 Graeme Harris
29 Murray White

Longest putt

Judy McLeod

Nearest pin

Joss Whitaker

W Stone Memorial

W Stone concluded with the following order:

1 Issy McLaughlin 139
2 Nicky Muir and Max Edwards 143
3 Jum Morten 144
4 Nigel Abbott and Shane Prendergast 145
5 Murray White 146
6 Noel Penney, Jodie Monk and Spencer Deverell 147

With 2 of the top qualifier unavailable the following matches will be played it is to be noted if you are unable to play please let Andrew know 021 027 88 354, ties were decided by most consistent scores eg 71 and 72 wins over 68 and 75.

W Stone Memorial top 8 to play in the Match-play on or before March the 27th. If playing before please let Andrew know.

1. Max Edwards will play Spencer Deverell
2. Jum Morten will play Jodie Monk
3. Nigel Abbott will play Noel Penney
4. Shane Prendergast will play Murray White

Sunday 14th March 2021

Mens Interclub

Hororata hosted Weedons Black and Burnham in the Shield, Brownie played Weedons Red and Patterson travelled to Ellesmere and played Tai-Tapu.


Shield Yellow - win 5.5 / .5 over Burnham
Shield Black - loss 4 / 2 to Weedons Black
Brownie - win 5 / 4 over Weedons Red
Patterson - loss 3.5 / 5.5 to Tai Tapu


Shield Black: Anton Fouchee, Mark Weatherley, Anuresh Chandra and Steve Bell
Shield Yellow: Brodie Mangels, Andrew Inch, Simon Edwards and Max Edwards
Brownie: George Deans, Alan Lover, Gavin Thomas, James Perkins, Nigel Abbott and Dan Reardon
Patterson: Shane Prendergast, Kolio Vailu’u, David Mansbridge, Andrew Kenworthy, Tony Edwards and Ric Frampton

Next round Sunday 21st March 2021: Shield Black will play Weedons Red at Lincoln, Shield Yellow has the Bye, Brownie will play Tai-Tapu at Tai-Tapu and the Patterson will play Weedons Red at Kaituna.

Ladies Interclub

Have played 3 rounds with 2 wins and a 1/2.
Placed second, next game vs Christchurch @Waimairi Beach on the 22nd

Saturday 13th March 2021

W Stone Memorial Qualifying


69 Lexi Thompson-Hall
72 Nigel Abbott, Nicky Muir and Issy McLaughlin
73 Dan Reardon and Kolio Vailu’u
74 Allan Thorne
75 Jum Morten, Max Edwards, Maggie Wright, Shane Prendergast and James Perkins
76 Pip Deans, Martin Wills, Spencer Deverell, Dianne Annan, Jodie Monk and Noel Penney

Best Gross

77 Mark Weatherley


Twos Mark Weatherley, Jodie Monk and Mark Calcott
Birdie’s hole was 17 winner was Mark Weatherley
Nett Eagles hole was 7 Winner was Micaiah Pratley
Pins 2n2 Martin Wills
Other Pins Mark Calcott, Spencer Deverell, James Perkins and Colin Stevens

Ladies LGU and Putting


Jodie Monk 95-19-76


Lexi Thomson-Hall 93-24-69

Putts 30

Joss Whitaker
Mary Abbott
Francie Taylor

7 × 1 putts

Trish Hicks
Judy McLeod
Francie Taylor
Lexi Thomson-Hall

Friday 12th March 2021

Twilight Mystery Jokers

34 Kolio Vailu’u
32 Ann Harliwich
32 Russell Marsh
29 Cam Tomlin
28 Barbara Inch

Saturday 6th March 2021

Coleridge Shield

Top Hororata Stableford Scores

43 Roy Stieller
38 Warwick Norton and Meg Morten
37 George Deans
36 Ric Frampton
35 Shane Prendergast and Nicky Muir
34 Tony Edwards
33 James Perkins, Kelvin Hicks and Andrew Kenworthy

Team Scores

Hororata 655 (Winners of the Coleridge Shield)
Methven 630
Waimak 606
Greendale 579

Friday 5th March 2021

Hidden Holes

37 Duncan Stone
34 Cam Tomlin
32 Claire Stevenson
31 Jum Morten and Allan Hogg

Saturday 6th March 2021

Coleridge Shield

The selected team is:

Al Sime
Max Edwards
Roy Stieller
George Deans

James Perkins
Gavin Thomas
Martin Wills
Jum Morten

Tony Edwards
Ric Frampton
Glenn Chambers
Worrick Norton

Pip Deans
Jodie Monk
Meg Morten
Catherine Thorne

Pres Nicky Muir
Sec Shane Prendergast
Men CC Andrew Kenworthy
Ladies CC Pauline Pearce

Those not selected are welcome to join the other 3 clubs for their Saturday Golf for $5 reporting time and tee off as follows:

Greendale report by Noon
Methven report by Noon for a 12:30 tee off
Waimakariri report for a 12:30 tee off