Competition Results
Monday 26th October 2020
Labour Day - American Foursomes
Postponed due to rain to Sunday 1st November 2020

Saturday 24th October 2020
Summer Stableford

40 G. Chambers
39 J. Helmore
38 G. Robertson, P. Fletcher, K. Beaumont
36 S. Oliver, T. Edwards, C. Bishop
35 J. Wilson, R. Frampton
Pins: K. Shaw, K. Beaumont, I. Palmer, M. Wills
Second shot in 2: K. Beaumont
Two’s: M. Wills

Friday 23rd October 2020
12 Hole Stableford

28 A. Hogg
25 F. Taylor, S. Gilmour
24 J. McLeod, R. Marsh
23 A. Collins, J. Morten

Saturday 17th October 2020
Brown Brothers Round 1
Best gross:
71 D. Brettkelly

Nett Scores:
59 H. Beaumont
65 D. Reardon
65 J. Perkins
69 D. Annan
70 J. Morton & M. Adams
71 G. Deans
73 M. Wills & C. Peake

P. Fletcher, D. Brettkelly

Second shot in 2:
C. Worker

G. Deans, I. Palmer, C. Harker, W. Sara

Tuesday 13th October 2020
Match of the Day: Stableford

38 B. Bryant
37 F. Taylor
35 M. Abbott
34 F. Reardon
34 I. McLaughlin
33 J. Whitaker

39 M. White
37 M. Wills
34 D. Grice
31 G. Chambers
30 I. Palmer
30 P. Collins

Nearest the Pin: M. White
2’s: M. Wills

Sunday 11th October 2020
Woodward Cup
Round 9 @ Harewood
Loss: Russley (7) v Hororata (1)

Canterbury Masters
Round 5 @ Greendale

Saturday 10th October 2020
Club Match Play Finals
Men’s Senior: Andrew Inch; R/up: Mark Weatherly.
Ladies Silver: Nicky Muir; R/up: Raewyn Kars.
Men’s Intermediate: Gavin Thomas; R/up: Jimmy Reardon.
Ladies Bronze A: Jodie Monk; R/up: Julie Wilson.
Men’s Junior: Colin Stevens; R/up: John Hicks.
Ladies Bronze B: Dianne Annan; R/up: Jos Whittaker.
Men’s Junior B: Marshall Johnston; R/up Paul Fletcher.
Ladies Bronze C: Francie Taylor; R/up: Anne Green.

Hororata Ambrose:
1st: Nigel Abbott, Murray Adams, Charlie Bishop, Mike Wills, 58.8
2nd: Mike Johnston, Ivan Palmer, Helen Beaumont, Paul McOscar 60.7
3rd: Stu Oliver, Mike Will, Jum Morten, Paul Fletcher, 62.1
Pins: Stu Oliver; Mike Will; Jum Morten; Paul Fletcher.

Tuesday 6th October 2020
Hororata and Mayfield Ladies and Men


43 M. Bennett
39 I. Davers
38 M. Kennedy
37 L. Keaines
36 D. Lowe
36 J. Bruhns


42 L. Palmer
39 B. Bryant
39 F. Taylor
37 M. Morten
37 I. Palmer
35 G. Chambers


82 F. Taylor & M. Bennett
80 L. Palmer & M. Kennedy
78 B. Bryant & I. Davers

Longest Journey: J. Whitaker & B. Harris
Closest to the Pin: B. Bryant & G. Chambers

Men’s Club Match Play Championship
Finals to played by Saturday 10th October 2020

Senior: A. Inch vs M. Weatherly.
Intermediate: J. Reardon vs G. Thomas.
Junior A: J. Hicks vs C. Stevens.
Junior B: P. Fletcher vs M. Johnston.

Women’s Club Match Play Championship
Finals to be played by Saturday 10th October 2020

Silver: N. Muir vs R. Kars.
Bronze B: D. Annan vs J. Whitaker.
Bronze C: J. Monk vs J. Wilson.
Bronze C: F. Taylor vs A. Green.

Saturday 3rd October 2020
40: M. Will.
38: G. Chambers.
36: M. Johnston.
34: S. Prendergast.
33: D. Smith, L. Palmer, M. Adams.

Cordylea Cup
67: C. Thorne & J. Perkins, G. Marsh & K. Marsh.
68.5: A. Kenworthy & D. Annan.
71: S. Stewart & P. McOscar.

Club Champs Semi Final winners: M. Weatherly, J. Reardon, G. Thomas, J. Hicks, C. Stevens, P. Fletcher, M. Johnston.
Second shot in 2: B. Marshall.
Pins: H. Beaumont, M. Johnston, K. Hicks, B. Mangels.
Twos: B. Mangels.

Friday 2nd October 2020
Drawn Pairs Stableford
52: A. Hogg & J. Wilson.
51: P. Taylor & F. Taylor.
49: S. Gilmour & Ann Harliwich and P. Collins & M. Morten.

Men’s Club Match Play Winners, Next Round:
Seniors: A. Inch, B. Mangels, Weatherly.
Intermediate: D. Mansbridge, J. Reardon, G. Deans, G. Thomas.
Junior: C. Bishop, J. Hicks, C. Stevens, T. Edwards.
Junior B: P. Fletcher, A. Hogg, M. Johnston, K. Beaumont.v
Women’s Club Match Play Winners, Next Round:
Silver; N. Muir, R. Kars.
Bronze A: J. Monk, J. Wilson. Bronze B: D. Annan, J. Whitaker.
Bronze C: F. Taylor, A. Green.

Sunday 27th September 2020
Woodward Cup
Round 6 @ Templeton
Loss: Hororata (1) v Templeton (7)

Round 7 @ Templeton
Loss: Hororata (2.5) v Weedons (5.5)

Saturday 26th September 2020
Pairs Combined Stroke
132: S. Edwards & C. Thorne
135: P. Fletcher & B. Marshall
146: M. Edwards & D. Reardon
147: W. Sara & I. Palmer, R. Kars & J. Perkins, J. Wilson & D. McCaughan

Twos: B. Mangels & S. Edwards
Two in 2 shots: B. Mangels
Pins: S. Edwards, K. Beaumont, W. Sara, B. Mangels

Sime Cup Winner
N. Penney