• Conditions of daily competitions are displayed on the notice board.
  • Please report to the starter no later than 15 minutes min. prior to start time.
  • Stroke, Stableford and Par matches are not permitted to be played in conjunction with Matchplay. (Rule 33-1).
  • All Matchplay games must be played on or before the date programmed or they will be forfeited, unless permission for an extension has been given by the Match Committee.
  • Extensions due to course closure will be displayed on the notice board.
  • All competitions in the Men’s and Ladies programmes are for that gender unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the programme.
  • Women golfers are no longer eligible for extra shots in mixed competitions under the new World Handicapping format.
  • Motorised Carts are permitted to be used by members for any ‘club’ competition.
Please report to the starter at least 15 minutes prior to tee off
Competition Definitions
Stroke, Stableford and Par
To be played in accordance with Rule 32
Best Ball (or Better Ball, or Fourball) Foursome
2-person teams, where each player plays their own ball. On each hole, the lowest score out of the 2-person team is entered as the team's score.
Ambrose (Hororata variation)
Each player plays a tee shot (minimum of 4 drives for each player), the most suitable drive is chosen, the owner of that ball plays it, the remaining players drop their balls within one club length and play. This procedure carries on until the ball is holed. 10% of combined handicap.
Alternate shots are played. 50% of combined handicap.
Canadian Foursome
Both drive, select best drive, play alternate shots from then on. 40% of combined handicap.
American Foursome
Both drive, play partners ball, play alternate shots from then on. 40% of combined handicap.
Bisque Par
Strokes, up to the limit of the players handicap, are taken at the players discretion at any hole, but must be decided for each hole prior to teeing off at the next hole. (The stroke rating of each hole has no bearing).
Split Sixes (Option 1)
Group of three golfers. On each hole of the round, six points are at stake split between the 3 golfers. At the end of the round, the golfer with the most points wins.
Points are split as follows on each hole:
  - golfer with the low score gets 4 points
  - golfer with the middle score gets 2 points
  - golfer with the high gets 0 points
In the event of a tie:
  - if two golfers tie the low score, both get 3 points. High scorer gets 0 points
  - if two golfers tie for high score, the low golfer get 4 points and the high scorers get 1 point each  
  - if all 3 golfers tie, all get 2 points 
Split Sixes (option 2 - Hororata variation)
Play the first six holes off the Yellow Tees, the second six holes off the Purple Tees, and the last six holes off the White Tees, using the Yellow handicap. 
The side game: Bingo, Bango, Bongo 
Golfers are awarded one point (or a $1 if you're game) per hole for each of the following:
?     being the first player in the group to hit his or her golf ball on the green (Bingo),
?     being the player in the group whose golf ball is closest to the pin after all the golf balls are on the green (Bango),
?     being the first player in the group to hole out (Bongo).

The game is based on players taking turns at the correct times, so etiquette is crucial. This means players who are furthest away must play first (waiting for all players to hit the green before putting). And honours off the tee should be followed (highest point scorer from the previous hole hits off first) as they will get the advantage on par 3s.

This is a great game for players of all abilities to play because even though the 2-handicapper in your group is likely to hit the green on their second shot on a par 4, the 20-handicapper might take 3 or 4 to get greenside but then chip it inside them for a point.
Competitions open to Men are:
  • Club Men's Matchplay Championships. (Best 2 out of 4 qualifying rounds).
  • Club Men's Strokeplay Championships. (Best 3 out of 4 rounds).
  • Men's Captains Trophy. (Matchplay on handicap. 2 qualifying net rounds. Top 16 qualify).
  • Presidents Trophy. (Par aggregate. Best 3 out of 5 rounds).
  • Sime Cup. (Net aggregate. Best 3 out of 5 rounds).
  • Winter Stableford. (Stableford aggregate. Best 3 out of 5 rounds).
Competitions open to Women are:
  • Women's Captains Trophy. (2 qualifying net rounds. Top 16 qualify. Matchplay on handicap).
  • Women's Committee Trophy (previously Vice-captains Trophy).
  • Nancy McCormack Trophy
  • Lockdown Trophy
  • Women's Shootout
  • Top Dog

Competitions open to Men and Women are:

  • W. Stone Memorial Cup. (2 qualifying net rounds. Top 16 qualify. Matchplay on Stableford).
  • Hororata Trophy. (2 qualifying par rounds. Top 8 qualify. Matchplay on par).
  • Brown Brothers Summer Cup. (Net aggregate. Best 3 out of 4 rounds).
  • Summer Stableford. (Stableford aggregate. Best 3 out of 4 rounds).
  • Cordylea Cup. (Open to all members, either a mixed or same sex pair. Members may play either on a Tuesday or on a Saturday Club day where the event is programmed. Best of 5 different rounds - Best Ball Foursomes, Canadian Foursomes, American foursomes, Ambrose, Foursomes).
  • Shootout.
  • Eaves Cup. (Husbands & Wives, Canadian Foursomes).
  • Elma Hunt Salver. (Ladies & Mates mixed pair Foursomes).
  • Murchison Cup.

Other Competitions are:

  • Parent & Child
  • Rolling Pin
The Triangular
Between Hororata, Greendale & Waimakariri. 
Twenty four players selected representing each handicap grade.
This year's date: 
(Greendale 2023, Waimakariri 2024)
Coleridge Shield
Between Hororata, Greendale, Waimakariri & Methven.
Twenty players selected, plus President, Captains and Secretary in 3 Mens and 1 Ladies grades.
This year's date:  Noon start.
(Greendale 2023, Methven 2024, Hororata 2025)
Ed Tilley Cup
Between Hororata and Terrace Downs. 
Event open to all members, played at Terrace Downs.
Best Stableford. 
Event details to be advised. 
Riverside Trophy
Between Hororata and Rakaia. 
Event open to all members.
Event details to be advised. 
Please check the Club programme for playing dates and match details.