During a match remember your opponent is entitled to a pleasant round too, and has his or her rights.
The lowest handicap player of the group is responsible for course etiquette.
Please remain motionless and silent whilst others are preparing and playing a shot, on either the tee, fairway or green.
Replace divots immediately and repair pitch marks.
Watch the flight other shots and note where it finishes.
Do not mark cards on the green: do this on the next tee.
Other than playing matchplay – the club encourages ‘Ready Golf’, this will he speed up play.
Keep up with the field, if unable to do this, call the approaching players through.
If you have to look for a ball, and if the following players are in range, call the approaching players through.
If you have been called through by the players in front having lost a ball, be ready to hit promptly,
Once "called through", those players should be allowed time to complete the hole.
Remember that one minute wasted at each hole adds 18 minutes to your round.
Please Carry a sand bucket with you.
Repair all pitch marks and all divots, not just your own.
Rake all bunkers
Please do not wheel trundlers on greens and newly sown areas.
Motorised Carts, please stay at least 5 metres away from Greens and Tees
Take pride in your course. Do not drop packets, papers, etc. and use the rubbish bins provided
Growing plants, twigs, etc., may not be broken off or bent down to make a shot easier.